Our Story

Our Story

Technological innovation has driven history. However, most innovation typically comes with unintended consequences.

The Digital Revolution has transformed the world - and not all for the better. While the internet, personal computers, televisions, and smartphones have helped make the world more connected in some ways, the overuse of these devices is contributing to higher levels of anxiety, stress, depression, and sleep disorders. People have become addicted to these devices, are less productive and more distracted at work, and have greater difficulty being present in social settings.

If current trends continue, screen time will take up 11 years of the average person’s life.

Joe O’Connor, founder of the Phone Hotel, began to realize how pervasive tech addiction was while he was eating at his favorite restaurant. He looked around and counted 16 of 21 tables with people on their smartphones. He also started noticing this problem during meetings, at conferences, and while out with his family and his friends. He was the first to admit that he was as addicted as anyone.

He decided it was time for people to be real world social. He began talking to people from all over the world about their thoughts on tech addiction; every single person indicated some level of concern and agreed it was a problem.

With the knowledge that so many people believed tech addiction was a real and pressing issue, Joe began exploring tangible solutions to the problem. How could he create an accessible and affordable product that would help people to regulate their smartphone use? After several months of searching, he finally had the answer: the Phone Hotel.

The Phone Hotel is a miniature hotel for your phone. People can check their phones in to receive a charge and then go engage with the world around them device-free. In addition to the physical product, Joe also wanted to help educate people and share new research and information about tech addiction. A QR code is included on each Phone Hotel that users can scan with their smartphone to gain access to exclusive digital content, including articles, interviews, statistics, and more. You also have the ability to create your own QR Code to customize your content.

We want to help others become real world social again by spending less time on their smartphones during inappropriate times like meals, with family and friends, and while at work.

We hope you believe in the Phone Hotel and join us on this journey toward greater social wellness!