QR Codes

What are QR Codes?

QR Codes can be thought of as the next generation of the old bar codes found on product packages everywhere.  These codes are a series of black and white boxes or dots that form a pattern that is recognizable by camera phones or mobile QR Code reader apps.  When a device reads the code, it will take you to a web page picked by the person that created that code.

Because they can take you to specific websites, a QR Code can serve as a gateway to company information, product information, music or video.  Because a web page's content can be changed all the time, the same QR Code can be used over and over and the visitor could get different website content every visit (depending on when the web page has been changed).


Why does the Phone Hotel use QR Codes?

We use QR Codes as a means to provide free, fun, and compelling information to our users. Use of the QR code is completely optional and is strictly for your enjoyment.  We have placed the code in an easy to access location so that anyone can easily scan it to jump to our provided content.

Sample Phone Hotel QR CodeTo the right is a working example of the default QR Code that ships with the Phone Hotel.  Just use your camera and scan to view content - it will take you to our video.  Older phones may require a QR Code reader app that you would have to download and then scan code.

You can keep ours or Make Your Own QR Code!

Additionally, you can add your own custom code sticker over ours, giving your customers/employees/friends/family the custom experience that you want them to have.  Here are just a few ideas of what you could link to:

  • Company News
  • Event or Family Calendar
  • Restaurant Menu
  • Photo Gallery
  • Videos


How do I make my own custom QR code?

While there are several ways to make your own custom QR code, we recommend going to QR Code Monkey (www.qrcode-monkey.com).  It's FREE and easy to use*.

There are 2 required steps and some additional options.

The Minimum:  Go to the qrcode-monkey.com website and add the URL of the page you want to go to.  Click the green "Create QR Code" button to generate your code and then click the blue "Download PNG" button to download the image.

Custom Options: You can set colors (solid colors or a gradient).  You can add a logo to the middle of the QR Code.  It can be one of  several from the qrcode-monkey library of logos or you can upload your own.  You can even modify the dot design style if squares are too plain for you.


*We are in no way affiliated with qrcode-monkey.com and while we have used their software, you can use any QR Code generation software that you like.