4 x 8" USB Type-C Cables

4 x 8" USB Type-C Cables

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This is a 4-Pack of USB Type-C cables for use with the Phone Hotel.

How do I know what kind of cable I need?

Lightning Cable closeupiPhone - officially referred to as Lightning cables are just for iPhones. They are not compatible with non-Apple phones. Lightning cables are easily identified by having no top or bottom (can be inserted either way into the phone) and for being flat.  The iPhone 5 and on utilized Lightning cables. Unfortunately, we do no sell connectors for older iPhones.

Micro USB closeupIf you do not have an iPhone, the easiest way to tell what kind of USB charging cable you need is to check if the end that plugs into your phone only plugs in one way or if it doesn't matter.  If the plug into you phone only fits one way, it is a Micro USB cable.  One end of the adapter is wider than the other.

USB Type-CIf it doesn't matter how you plug it in, it is a USB Type-C.  The end of the adapter is uniformly rounded so there is no top or bottom side.  USB Type-C cables were introduced on a small number of phones in 2015 so if your phone is older than that, it should be a Micro USB.  Since 2015, only a limited amount of phones have Type-C so you'll have to check your phone.

To Summarize:

Lightning cables are compatible with iPhones version 5 and up.

Micro USB cables are compatible with many Android phones.  Most phones made by companies like Samsung, LG, use these and they can only be inserted into your phone one way.

USB Type-C cables are a newer cable for the latest generation of phones and they can be inserted into your phone with either end up.

For our compatibility list, please see our connector compatibility page.